Wonders Of Linen

I believe in using quality products, I absolutely love Linen and all the benefits it has, this is why I choose this fabric above all others. So I decided that with all this love and passion I should create my own beautiful range.

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Linen fabric is made from flax plant fibres, which are a highly sustainable crop. Flax fibres are spun into yarn before being woven into fabric. Flax plants are naturally hardy and require significantly less water and pesticides than other crops like cotton. Flax is inherently hypoallergenic and breathable, making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

In hot conditions, linen is quite comfortable because it is inherently highly absorbent, it can absorb large amount of its own weight in water without feeling damp. Given its woven design, it is also highly breathable and will be comfortable to sleep in for both hot and cold sleepers.

Peace Of Mind

My range of linen is 100% French Flax linen. I also have Oeko-Tex certification, which ensures that the product has been tested for dangerous compounds and that the articles are harmless in human ecological terms. I hope you love and cherish your linen as much as I do!

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